Wheat Sandwich Bread Surpasses White In Sales

Wheat Sandwich Bread Surpasses White In Sales

Good news:  Shoppers are more likely to buy sandwich bread with a label displaying “natural” or “whole grain.” 

According to a Nielsen study, wheat sandwich bread sales increased to $2.6 billion in the last year; white bread sales declined to $2.5 billion.  White bread still wins in overall volume of sales. 

Finally, sandwich eaters are beginning to pay attention to a steady stream of messages on fiber and omega-3s.  Of course, now that healthier sandwich breads are selling better, companies are bumping up prices.  Fortunately, consumers do not seem to mind—they realize these healthier sandwich breads taste better and contain more nutrients. 

We are happy to hear that white bread sales for companies like Sara Lee and Wonderbread, are down.  This will lead them to develop more healthy sandwich breads and products! 

BFS Tip:  When shopping for healthy breads such as wheat bread, please be sure that the label says “whole grain.”  Then, choose brands with the fewest ingredients.

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