Add Tomatoes To Your Sandwich And Lose Weight

Add tomatoes to your sandwich and you can lose weight and feel fuller. Fat Woman

Researchers at Reading University, Berkshire, England, UK, examined 17 average sized women, aged 18 to 35, to see how full they felt when eating bread enriched with different vegetables.   The woman ate cream cheese sandwiches on white bread with either tomatoes or carrots.

The results are in–The women felt fuller when eating the cream cheese sandwiches with tomatoes.

Lycopene (the stuff that gives tomatoes their red color) might help lower the level of hunger hormones, so a person can eat less food, still feel sated and lose weight.

According to Julie Lovegrove, a nutrition specialist and head of the study “It was a small study, and we can’t yet say what the crucial tomato ingredient is, but the results were statistically, significant.”

The Reading University research team needs to do further research.  For now, there’s no disputing that eating tomatoes is a good thing, as they are known for many health benefits and decreasing risk of various diseases.

Always try to buy your tomatoes locally–from farmer’s markets, farms or at select supermarkets.  Tomatoes are unripened and green when transported long distances to prevent bruising and are later ripened artificially by exposure to ethylene gas, resulting  in inferior, mealy tomatoes.

So, start adding locally grown tomatoes to your sandwiches and lose some weight.  :smile:

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