Tomato Seed Gel May Prevent Blood Clotting

Tomato Seed Gel May Prevent Blood ClottingInteresting health news from the UK—a derivative of tomato seed gel called Fruitflow is being touted as a natural alternative to aspirin and may prevent blood clotting.

Apparently, British scientists have identified a natural ingredient in tomato seeds that they believe to be a key component to a long and healthy life.  Fruitflow may prevent clumping of blood platelets hence prevent blood from clotting.

So far, EU health watchdogs have acknowledged that Fruitflow does improve blood flow and are allowing these claims on packaging of one juice product (Sirco, a range of 100 percent pure fruit juices) and should soon be added to other products.

Fruitflow and aspirin both change characteristics of blood platelets.  These tiny cells are normally smooth, but inflammation in blood cells can cause them to become spiky, stick together and form clots.  While aspirin blocks one set of signals causing this to happen, Fruitflow blocks three others—enough to reduce the risk of clotting.

Although aspirin can cause bleeding in the stomach, Professor Dutta Roy said, “To date, no side effects have been demonstrated during the development of Fruitflow.”

Research demonstrates that smoother blood flow appears within three hours of taking Fruitflow and can last up to 18 hours.

We’ll keep an eye on development of this product and when, where and how it will be distributed in the USA.  If anyone has any additional information on Fruitflow, we’d appreciate your leaving a comment.

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  1. newB says:

    Ground breaking technology that will revolutionise the health food industry. Looking forward to many products containing Fruitflow and the benefits it will bring to billions of people across the globe.

  2. Eric says:

    Newby said it all – this stuff should be compulsory in all foodstuffs that can carry it without changing the product.

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