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Izzy's Favorite Sandwich

Izzy’s Favorite Sandwich

Here is world famous chef–Izzy–demonstrating how to make a perfect Fluffernutter sandwich.

Jack's Favorite Sandwich

Jack’s Favorite Sandwich

I like to make the “monster”…dog, mex cheese, cheddar, turkey, ketchup and mustard.


Kevin’s Favorite Sandwich

By Kevin – Age 10 My favorite sandwich is Meatball Marinara. It’s cheesy and I like cheese.  I like meatballs too.  The best one is from Subway…eat fresh!  It’s only $5 and a foot long.

Madison's Favorite Sandwich

Madison’s Favorite Sandwich

By Madison V. – Age 6 1/2 My favorite sandwich is grilled cheese.  It’s warm and all the cheese is melted.  The bread is soft and buttery.  You can add bacon or ham to make it like a ham and cheese sandwich, but warm and melted.

William's Favorite Sandwich

William’s Favorite Sandwich

By William M. – Age 7 My favorite sandwich is a cheeseburger.  I have had them from Five Guys, Outback, McDonald’s and Wendy’s.  Wendy’s has weird ketchup and it tastes like pickles. My favorite sandwich is from Outback.  It tastes a little bit like grilled cheese and if you taste the meat it tastes awesome! […]

Ariela's Favorite Sandwich

Ariela’s Favorite Sandwich

By Ariela A. – Age 14 My favorite sandwich is the BLT. First, my most important reason why I like the BLT Sandwich is because it has bacon on it, like what kid doesn’t like bacon cause I know I do. Next, the second most important reason is that this is my favorite sandwich and […]

Taylor's Favorite Sandwich

Taylor’s Favorite Sandwich

By Taylor A – Age 11 My favorite sandwich is ham and cheese it is so good.  It is my favorite sandwich because it is so good.  I eat it at school with my friends.  It has ham and cheese on it.  Who does not like that because I know I love it.  That is […]