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Great Grilled Cheese - Book Review

Great Grilled Cheese – Book Review

If you love grilled cheese and want some great recipe variations for this classic American sandwich then we recommend Great Grilled Cheese, by award-winning cookbook author Laura Werlin.  Besides two classic grilled cheese recipes, Werlin demonstrates the sandwich’s versatility with many variations.  Here are a few of Werlin’s recipes that we have made and eaten: French- Styled Grilled Ham And […]

Carla's Sandwich - A Tasty Reading Adventure

Carla’s Sandwich – A Tasty Reading Adventure

Carla’s Sandwich is available on Amazon and at most major bookstores.  Author Debbie Herman has created insuppressible and rebellious character—Carla, a little girl who creates unusual, scrumptious and healthy sandwiches to bring to school lunch. At first, her fellow students tease Carla, but she keeps her chin up and continues her unconventional lunches: sliced bananas […]