South Beach Sandwich Shop – La Sandwicherie

South Beach Sandwich Shop - La SandwicherieWhen you think of food and South Beach, images of high-end dining establishments and expensive wines come to mind.  Next time, however, take a pass on being fancy, do what locals have been doing for the past twenty years, and go have a Big Fat Sandwich at South Beach Sandwich ShopLa Sandwicherie

My wife, Dolores, and I found La Sandwicherie on 14th Street between Collins and Washington and this South Beach sandwich shop is nothing other than some bar stools at an outdoor counter on a somewhat ugly alleyway.

We visited La Sandwicherie on a Sunday afternoon, scooted up to the counter and were immediately greeted by the lovely waitress Petra.  The first thing we noticed is the cramped confines of the La Sandwicherie crew; I’ve seen food trucks with more room.  But then we noticed the abundance of fresh ingredients including beautiful red tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, romaine lettuce, stacks of bananas and fresh fruit.  I said to my wife, “I think we are on to sometime.”

The La Sandwicherie menu is fairly typical of a sandwich shop with a touch of France thrown in.  I was a bit concerned that a French influenced South Beach sandwich shop might not meet my personal Big Fat Sandwich requirements.  When I think French, I think tiny petit four sandwiches.  I decided on a classic of Roast Beef ($6.50) on French bread (croissant available for and additional 85 cents) with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.  Other topping options include green and red peppers, black olives and cornichons (French Pickles).  My wife selected their famous La Sandwicherie Croque Monsieur sandwich which comes standard on grilled toast.  However, my wife desired it on a croissant, which Petra said was not an issue and actually how she preferred it.

As we could reach out and touch the sandwich chef, I could not help but notice how he handled the food.  Even though he was properly wearing sanitary gloves, his primary means of grabbing ingredients was with a pair of tongs.  I liked that a lot.  Too many sandwich shops have their chefs using their hands.  Hands, gloves or not, go to places they should not go.  Between the fresh ingredients on display and healthy sandwich prep, my expectations began to rise.

One of the things I look for in a sandwich is presentation.  If your needs are a bit more formal, this joint is not for you.  My sandwich was served on a sheet of foil wrap.  However, if you are able to forgo the finer things in life such as a plate and focus on the sandwich, you will be very pleased. Served on a crunchy, roughly 9 inch French bread (ends trimmed), the freshness and quality of the greens, tomatoes and onions was evident.  The roast beef was ample and rare.  Served along with the sandwich is a plastic bottle of French dressing which is more of a vinaigrette with mustard than standard French and it adds a dynamic twist to the  flavor versus the traditional Italian or oil and vinegar.

South Beach Sandwich Shop - La Sandwicherie Croque MonsieurMy wife’s Croque Monsieur was served on a lightly toasted, buttery croissant and had thick slices of ham easily covered by melted swiss.  Actually served on a plate, this Big Fat South Beach Sandwich comes with a nice sized side salad.

Healthy sandwich options at La Sandwicherie  include a Fresh Mozzarella sandwich, Vegetarian sandwich, Smoked Salmon sandwich, and classic Turkey sandwich.  Unique options include the Camembert sandwich, Hard Boiled Egg sandwich, Saucisson Sec (French Salami) sandwich and Pate sandwich.   Additionally, a wide assortment of fresh salads, utilizing all of the wonderful fresh ingredients, smoothies and veggie juices are available.

So next time you find yourself in South Beach and want a healthy Big Fat Sandwich, give them a try and let us know what you think.

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Review by Dave Betz

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