Sandwich Shop Thief Found Dead In A Vent

Sandwich ThiefExtra, extra, read all about it…Sandwich shop thief gets caught in vent…

In Jacksonville, Florida, according to police, a white, nude man, likely in his thirties, was found stuck in a small vent while apparently trying to rob a sandwich shop—he was dead.

According to WJXT-TV, an employee who opened the store spotted the wanna-be  thief’s feet dangling from a vent over the fryer vats.

According to news sources, the vent was only 2 feet long, a few inches wide, and the man apparently died of asphyxiation.

According to sandwich shop customer, Sam Nasrallah, “They said he took all his clothes off and threw his clothes down inside and tried to get through naked.”

Several agencies, including animal control, used poles to help free the dead man from the vent.  Firefighters used a ladder to lift the man from the roof.

What some people will do for a sandwich!  :roll:

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