Sandwich Lovers and Food Writers – Help Wanted

Sandwich Lovers and Food Writers - Your Help Is WantedBig Fat Sandwich needs your help.   We are looking for sandwich lovers and food writers willing to review your favorite sandwich shops and restaurants.

Of course, contributors will receive full credit and Big Fat Sandwich will link to any contributing food websites, sandwich websites and diet/nutrition websites.  We will also provide links to the reviewed restaurants’ websites.

For newbie sandwich and food writers, here are a few tips on reviewing your favorite sandwich spots:

  • Do a bit of homework ahead of time.  See what you can learn about the owner and chef, such as experience and background.  Has this establishment had prior press?
  • Determine when to go.  Many key personnel are off on Monday and Tuesday.  Saturday may be too busy.
  • Try to review a menu ahead of time.  Many sandwich shops have take-out or online menus.  Then you can see beforehand what they have to offer and how the items you will order are typically prepared.
  • Atmosphere and quality can vary.  To be fair to an establishment, try visiting them at least twice.  This way, you’ll have an opportunity to sample additional sandwiches.
  • Make a note on how you are treated when you arrive.  What type of atmosphere?  Friendly?  Rushed?  Long wait?
  • Is the seating comfortable?  Is it very noisy?  How is the service?  Is your waiter knowledgeable about the sandwiches and the accompanying sides and beverages?  Is your waiter too chatty?  Are other patrons receiving good service?  Does your waiter check with you a few times?
  • Bring friends and family with you to try out a variety of sandwiches.
  • Is your sandwich appealing to look at and prepared properly?  What is your initial reaction when you bite into your sandwich?  Balanced flavors?  Fresh bread and ingredients?  Is your sandwich large or small?  Does your sandwich hold up to rigorous eating?
  • If you don’t like something but others do, explain why (is it just a taste preference).  Be honest and objective.
  • Are there healthy sandwich choices on the menu?  Please list some of them.
  • Did you receive your check in a timely manner?  Ask yourself—will you bring back friends, family or business acquaintances?  What was your overall impression?  Did you get what the restaurant promised?

Of course, many of the above suggestions will not apply if you are ordering from a street vendor or fast food joint.  Nevertheless, please provide as much detail as possible.

Big Fat Sandwich is also looking for sandwich lovers and food writers to:

  • provide tasty sandwich recipes
  • provide alternative, healthy sandwich recipes (nutritionists invited)
  • review books featuring sandwiches
  • interview favorite local chefs and restaurant owners
  • provide  information on favorite sandwich ingredients and brand names (cold cuts, cheese, bread)
  • provide sandwich related photos

Finally, we’d love to hear from kids who love sandwiches.  What are your favorites and why?

Please send your emails to Dana Betz, or leave a comment.  Thanks!

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