Get The Skinny On Some Sandwich Calorie Calculators

Sandwich Calorie CalculatorTo keep a healthy body weight, a moderately active guy needs about 2500 calories per day.  A moderately active woman needs about 2100 calories.  Of course these numbers will vary based on how tall or short you are and how much you exercise (in addition to your moderate activity).

Here is a neat little sandwich calorie calculator from MyFoodBuddy that will help you determine approximately how many calories in many basic sandwiches:

Neat Little Sandwich Calorie Calculator

The Mayo Clinic provides a more comprehensive calculator if you happen to, heaven forbide, eat something other than a sandwich:

Mayo Clinic Calorie Calculator

Grouping foods by approximate calories can help you choose low calorie foods.  This calculator, also provided by MyFoodBuddy will help you calculate the calories of virtually any sandwich:

Food Group Calorie Calculator

We’ll be providing many more tools and easy ways to help you lose weight on our Big Fat Sandwich Diet.

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