The Price You Pay For A Sandwich

The Price You Pay For A SandwichFinally, there is an answer to an age old question:  What is the price you pay for a sandwich made at home as opposed to ordering out?

Please check out Rob Cockerham’s web page—How Much Inside A Sandwich.  There you can try out Rob’s sandwich calculator, which calculates the cost of:

bread – condiments – meat – 2nd meat – cheese – tomatoes – lettuce – pickles – avocado – olives – ketchup – egg – peanut butter – jelly – butter – sprouts

(We’ve heard of one sandwich lover who got so excited after using Rob’s sandwich calculator, that he—by accident—swallowed an entire can of varnish.  It was a horrible sight, but what a beautiful finish.)

Rob’s calculator can’t provide the cost of every sandwich combo, but it gives a good idea of what you can save by making your sandwich at home.

We also enjoyed Rob’s web page about Naughty Food Items (we are easily entertained) as well as other material on the website.

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