Healthier Lunches (and sandwiches) For School Kids

Healthier Sandwiches For Kids

The Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously approved a bill to update child nutrition programs (Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act).  The bill will now go to the Senate floor hopefully by mid-April.

The bill strengthens nutrition standards for all the food (including healthier sandwiches :) ) at school, effectively kicking junk food out of school vending machines (hooray!).  Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio passed an amendment for an organic food pilot program to get more organic food into school meals, though the amendment doesn’t yet have funding.

Overall, the bill invests $500 million per year in child nutrition programs.  Funding for healthier sandwiches and food will be paid for by offsets in other parts of the federal budget. Currently, the Child Nutrition bill makes a cut to conservation programs, a cut that BigFatSandwich is against– since a much larger portion of the budget goes to farm subsidies supporting unhealthy processed foods.

Although $500 million per year sounds like a lot of money, it’s just a start.  President Obama was asking for $1 billion per year. Parents can also work locally to push your schools to get back to simpler, fresh food, healthier sandwiches and whole food. You really can make a difference.  So, snap to it!  :)

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