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Le Tub -  Great HamburgerIs a Hamburger a Sandwich?  We at Big Fat Sandwich have had multiple debates, one cage match and five thumb fights before coming to a conclusion.  Yes, a hamburger is a sandwich!  The bottom line:  meat stuck between two pieces of bread equals a sandwich.   With such a heavy issue resolved (we’re on to healthcare next), I decided it was time to review Le Tub, in Hollywood, Florida.

I would normally start by saying something like “Locals have known about this spot forever” but I’m not so sure about that.  I speak to people that have heard of it but many say, “Yea I’ve heard of it but don’t know where it is.” And that’s after 32 years in business.  It makes sense, however, because it’s stuck behind some foliage and an old fence off of A1A in Hollywood, Florida.  Your GPS can lead you to it and you still might miss it:  no signs!  I’ll leave it at that and hope you find it because if a Big Fat hamburger is your thing, this is for you.

By visual count, the majority of people who go to Le Tub order “The Sirloinburger,” ($11 plain, $11.50 w/ cheese) 13 ounces of red meat perfectly cooked to order.  This is a grilled burger with a heavy char flavor, almost crunchy outer layer and served on an appropriately sized poppy seed bun (I hate a big burger whose bun is too small).  The grill at this joint is not as big as my home stove-top so believe the server when they tell you it will be an hour or more for your hamburger to arrive.  Think of it as a way to take advantage of the other items on the menu.  Don’t worry about getting full; unless you’re auditioning for Man vs. Food, you’re not going to finish that burger.

LeTub’s Chili ($5 Bowl, $4 Cup) is a popular item.  Using a recipe that calls for frying the meat before adding it to the tomato’s and such, it is mildly spicy but full of flavor.  As good as it is, I tend to skip it as I know my beef quota is going to be soon fulfilled.  Instead, I suggest going with the Seafood Gumbo ($7.50 Bowl, $5.50 Cup) when it is available.  The Smoked Fish Dip ($9.00) is also an excellent selection.

There are some healthy items on the menu so if you’re on our Big Fat Sandwich Diet, here are my suggestions.  Stay with the hamburger but cut it in half (okay so you only get to eat approx. a half pound of beef) and take the rest home.  They have a Salisbury (burger without bun) but that goes against our principles.  If you don’t do beef, they have Seafood, Greek and Garden salads and a Chicken Sandwich ($9.00) that appears to have multiple chicken breast (cut in half, take home).  To be honest, I’ve eaten here several times and never have seen anyone order a salad or chicken but I’m sure they are good.  They also offer a Catch of the Day ($18) which they serve with salad and Catch of the Day Sandwich ($10).

They have a bit of a Soup Nazi approach here to service.  Don’t look for a hostess or ask for a table, you find it on your own.  If there isn’t one, you need to table stalk someone who’s almost done.  The servers must be well paid because they don’t overwhelm you with kindness, with most starting their conversation with the warning about how long it will be for your burger. They also don’t encourage kids after 8pm.  If you can get by that, the setting on the inter-coastal is great, the burgers, sandwiches and other items fantastic and certainly this is a place to get one of the finest burgers in the country.  If you don’t believe us check out GQ magazine who rated it number one in America or Oprah who enjoys a nice hamburger.  Better yet, when you are in South Florida next, try it yourself and enjoy.

Review by Dave Betz

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  1. rosemary says:

    Been to Le Tub and yes the burger is big, but I had better.

    The place is a little bit of a dive. And no not because of the toliets and tubs around, but because I saw cockroaches.

    No thanks wont be back.

  2. admin says:

    Just a thought…

    Le Tub is sorta built on to an open dock with an open environment right on the waterway. I can’t imagine any place of business not having some problem with insects in this type of evironment.

    Overall, I think the place is very clean, including the kitchen which is right out in the open for all to see.



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