Getting High And Eating Sandwiches

Getting High and Eating SandwichesGetting high and eating sandwiches—at least that’s what construction workers will do as they build the Freedom Tower, the main building of the new World Trade Center.

A shipping container will house a Subway sandwich shop that will move up the tower about one story every week or two as it reaches its final 1776 foot height in 2013.

Workers typically get 30 minutes for their lunch break and it can take them quite some time to reach street level to find food.  According to Candace McAdams, spokeswoman for the Port Authority, “This amenity will save time by allowing construction workers to stay in the tower throughout their shift rather than having to go all the way up and down.”

Subway will offer their full menu of sandwiches and salads along with additional items like hamburgers, hotdogs and pretzels.

Subway has offered to provide this service at cost.  Of course they will have great advertising exposure and get to be a part of history.

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