Try A Delicious Bánh Mì Sandwich

A delicious Bánh Mì sandwich is undoubtedly one of the best sandwiches in the world.  InDelicious Banh Mi Sandwich At Saigon Bakery Vietnamese, Bánh Mì means bread but can also mean bread stuffed with meat.  Recently introduced to the USA and many other countries by Vietnamese immigrants, this delicious sandwich is a result of a confluence of cultures between the French and Vietnamese.

Built on a fresh, light and crunchy French Baguette and your choice of meat (pork roast, grilled pork, pork meatballs, chicken) or tofu, various combinations of the following ingredients are added:

scrambled egg – pate – sliced pickled carrots – pickled cucumbers – onions – jalapenos – daikon radishes – fish sauce – soy sauce – vinegar – cilantro – mayonnaise – hot peppers – head cheese

Note from Dana and Dave:  Our mom, Marion Betz, an experienced restaurateur, managed Gringo’s (now closed), a once popular Mexican restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Her good friend—self-taught and talented head chef Ai Nguyen—was a Vietnamese immigrant.  Dave and I loved Ai’s Mexican cuisine, but he occasionally would prepare for us his own version of a mouthwatering, Vietnamese sub (typically when we offered to wash the pots and pans).  That was a long time ago and we can’t recall all the details, but subtlety barbecued pork meatballs, freshly baked, crusty bread, along with a mixture of home pickled vegetables, were the marquee ingredients.  Amazing how such contrasting flavors and textures blended so perfectly.

Here are three delicious Bánh Mì sandwich recipes provided by Chow.com, FoodNetwork.com and Epicurious.com:

Here’s one more Bánh Mì recipe, provided by Andrea Lynn, senior editor For Chile Pepper Magazine, to SeriousEats.com.  It is delicious and much easier to prepare:

We love the Travel Channel’s—No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.   To give you a better visual of this sandwich, here is Anthony sampling a Bánh Mì in Vietnam:

And finally, here is our recipe for a delicious and healthy lobster Bánh Mì Sandwich:

Please send us your favorite and most delicious Bánh Mì sandwich recipe.  Can you suggest your favorite Bánh Mì place?

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