Charm City Burger Company

Charm City Burger Company - Rear Entrance

Jogging on Hillsboro Boulevard in Deerfield Beach, Florida, about a half mile from the beach, I saw a sign for Charm City Burger Company on the eastbound side of the street.

I did a bit of Internet research on Charm City Burger when I returned from my run.  There were many rave reviews and a scant few negative remarks.

According to their Facebook page, Chef Michael Saperstein and Evan David founded Charm City.  Chef Paul Mcabe is the grill man.

I read that the owners have their own meat distributorship and do not allow hormones/antibiotics in their meats, and they have developed their own unique, custom blend of  of chuck, short rib, and brisket for their Charm City Burgers.  It appears they get their fresh, artisan bread from Old School Bakery in Delray Beach, Florida.  (Note:  To date, I have not verified all this with Charm City Burger Company.)

The Charm City Burger Company menu is available on their website, so I was able to review their offerings ahead of time.  They have several styles of burgers:  beef, turkey, Italian sausage and veggie, along with many sides, salads, stuffed roll sandwiches, wings, Kobe Beef dog, a kids menu, shakes and deserts, a nice offering of beverages, a number of unique microbrews and more.

When parking at Charm City Burger, your best bet is to drive around to the rear of the restaurant, where there are some parking spots, or park at the nearby Publix parking lot (also behind Charm City).  I visited Charm City Burger at lunchtime on a Thursday and although the place is small, there were plenty of available seats (I believe a sign said it seats 60 people).

Charm City Burger is not a fancy place, but it has its own unique, colorful look and décor. You order your food at a counter and get a number, sit down and they will call your number when your food is ready.  You then pick up your food at a window by the kitchen.

I wish I caught the name of the man at the counter who took my order.  He was very pleasant to talk to, kept me informed when my order would be ready and was genuinely concerned that I liked the food.

I ordered their cowboy style burger combo on a sesame bun, hand-cut fries and soda.  While taking a seat to wait for my order, I noticed that the patrons eating their lunches looked like happy campers.

They called my number quickly.  At the pick-up counter, they presented my burger and fries in a paper-lined basket.  I grabbed my order and sat down to eat:

  • The sesame seed bun was fresh and just the right size to hold my 1/3 pound, medium rare burger (as requested).
  • The cheddar cheese slices were perfectly melted.
  • The bacon slices were crispy and thick cut.
  • The sautéed mushrooms and grilled onions were done just right.
  • The Charm Sauce –spicy Thousand Island type dressing—added just a little kick.
  • The fries were hand-cut as promised, cooked to perfection and not over-salted.

Each ingredient in the burger, although standing on its own, blended perfectly.  Yeehaw!  [Forgive me, but I’m reviewing a Cowboy burger. :) ]

I have read some reviews indicating that Charm City Burgers are messy and have structural integrity issues.  I disagree.  With a two handed, firm grip, my sandwich held up nicely to rigorous eating.  I was able to taste a little of everything with every bite.

Charm City Burger Company delivers on its promise:  offering a top chef quality burger on fresh baked artisan bread.  I’ve just scratched the surface and have to head back soon with my Big Fat Sandwich partners to sample other sandwiches on their menu as well as their many shakes and desserts—Oreo fritters with vanilla ice cream, Twinkie fritters with chocolate drizzle, and Blue Bell milk shakes.  For our healthy sandwich choices area, I’ll next try the veggie burger—a blend of mushrooms, black beans and herbs.

Finally, Charm City Burger Company prices were very reasonable—about 10 bucks a head ought to cover things.

Review by Dana Betz

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