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Izzy's Favorite Sandwich

Izzy’s Favorite Sandwich

Here is world famous chef–Izzy–demonstrating how to make a perfect Fluffernutter sandwich.

Healthier Lunches (and sandwiches) For School Kids

Healthier Lunches (and sandwiches) For School Kids

Healthier Sandwiches For Kids The Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously approved a bill to update child nutrition programs (Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act).  The bill will now go to the Senate floor hopefully by mid-April. The bill strengthens nutrition standards for all the food (including healthier sandwiches ) at school, effectively kicking junk food out of school vending […]

Jack's Favorite Sandwich

Jack’s Favorite Sandwich

I like to make the “monster”…dog, mex cheese, cheddar, turkey, ketchup and mustard.


Kevin’s Favorite Sandwich

By Kevin – Age 10 My favorite sandwich is Meatball Marinara. It’s cheesy and I like cheese.  I like meatballs too.  The best one is from Subway…eat fresh!  It’s only $5 and a foot long.

Madison's Favorite Sandwich

Madison’s Favorite Sandwich

By Madison V. – Age 6 1/2 My favorite sandwich is grilled cheese.  It’s warm and all the cheese is melted.  The bread is soft and buttery.  You can add bacon or ham to make it like a ham and cheese sandwich, but warm and melted.

William's Favorite Sandwich

William’s Favorite Sandwich

By William M. – Age 7 My favorite sandwich is a cheeseburger.  I have had them from Five Guys, Outback, McDonald’s and Wendy’s.  Wendy’s has weird ketchup and it tastes like pickles. My favorite sandwich is from Outback.  It tastes a little bit like grilled cheese and if you taste the meat it tastes awesome! […]

Ariela's Favorite Sandwich

Ariela’s Favorite Sandwich

By Ariela A. – Age 14 My favorite sandwich is the BLT. First, my most important reason why I like the BLT Sandwich is because it has bacon on it, like what kid doesn’t like bacon cause I know I do. Next, the second most important reason is that this is my favorite sandwich and […]

Taylor's Favorite Sandwich

Taylor’s Favorite Sandwich

By Taylor A – Age 11 My favorite sandwich is ham and cheese it is so good.  It is my favorite sandwich because it is so good.  I eat it at school with my friends.  It has ham and cheese on it.  Who does not like that because I know I love it.  That is […]

Melissa and Doug Sandwich Making Set

Melissa and Doug Sandwich Making Set

Develop your child’s sandwich making skills early with the Melissa and Doug Sandwich Making Set.  It includes 16 sliceable, wooden pieces that “crunch” when cut with the included wooden knife. This set contains two kinds of bread, cheeses, vegetables, meats, sliceable wooden bread rolls, tomatoes, lettuce, meats, an apple and more. This is an instant […]

Carla's Sandwich - A Tasty Reading Adventure

Carla’s Sandwich – A Tasty Reading Adventure

Carla’s Sandwich is available on Amazon and at most major bookstores.  Author Debbie Herman has created insuppressible and rebellious character—Carla, a little girl who creates unusual, scrumptious and healthy sandwiches to bring to school lunch. At first, her fellow students tease Carla, but she keeps her chin up and continues her unconventional lunches: sliced bananas […]