Carla’s Sandwich – A Tasty Reading Adventure

Carla's SandwichCarla’s Sandwich is available on Amazon and at most major bookstores.  Author Debbie Herman has created insuppressible and rebellious character—Carla, a little girl who creates unusual, scrumptious and healthy sandwiches to bring to school lunch.

At first, her fellow students tease Carla, but she keeps her chin up and continues her unconventional lunches:

  • sliced bananas with mustard and lettuce on rye sandwich
  • lettuce, tomato, raisin, bean sprout, pretzel and mayonnaise sandwich
  • olive, pickle and green bean sandwich
  • sardine and mustard sandwich with sunflower seeds

One day, one of the biggest teasers—Buster—forgets his lunch, and being very hungry, reluctantly accepts a spare from Carla.  Buster takes one bite and loves it!  Once the other children see Buster’s response they change their minds about what makes an “okay” sandwich.  Carla demonstrates that you don’t have to be like others to be accepted.

The next day, all the kids bring wonderful sandwich concoctions to school, except Carla.  She brings a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Carla likes to be different.

Sheila Bailey illustrates Carla’s Sandwich with beautiful and detailed pictures.  It is an inspirational story for children between four and eight, but all ages will enjoy.

After your child reads this book you should:

  • Make a fun, healthy and creative sandwich to bring to school.
  • Replace regular chips with healthier baked chips or pretzels.

We hope some of our young readers will let us know how they liked Carla’s Sandwich.

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  1. Heshy says:

    This is a really nice wholesome children’s book. I highly recommend it to anyone with children and teachers in elementary school.

    I hope one day the author, Debbie Herman will put up a website and share many more of her quality writings.

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