Is Bread Crust Healthy For You?

Healthy Bread CrustGrowing up as kids, many of us were told by our parents to “eat the crust” of our bread, not just the soft center.  Well, it turns out our parents were giving us healthy advice.  (Thanks Paul Betz!)

Researchers at the German Research Center Of Food Chemistry have determined that the crust of bread contains rich and healthy antioxidants and provides more health benefits than the inner crumb.  By analyzing the bread crust, they discovered that the antioxidant pronyl-lysine was eight times more prevalent in the bread crust than in the rest of the bread.  Pronyl-lysine is effective at raising the levels of phase 2 enzymes, which, according to other studies, help prevent cancer.  Interestingly, pronyl-lysine was not found present in the flour.

In addition, bread crust is high in dietary fiber, which helps prevent colon cancer.

Apparently, when bread bakes in the oven, complex chemical reactions occur that create cancer-fighting molecules.  The heat forces carbohydrates in the bread to combine with amino acids of the proteins, resulting in the browning of the surface and a crust rich in antioxidants.

Here’s a healthy bread baking tip:  Bake smaller loaves for a greater percentage of delicious crust per slice.  Bread stuffing, consisting of teeny, tiny loaves, has the most crust of all per volume.

Darker breads such as wheat and pumpernickel contain more antioxidants than lighter breads.  Be aware that too much browning will lower the antioxidant level and burning the bread may produce carcinogens.

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  2. Ann says:

    Does anyone else feel that this entire article is bs?? Pretty sure it is. This is a Bread website. Of course they found this “research”

  3. admin says:

    Hi Ann. We are sorry that life has not been treating you very well. Perhaps a tasty sandwich will cheer you up. Don’t forget to eat your crust!

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