Boar’s Head Healthy Sandwich – An Assault on Salt

Boar's Head Healthy SandwichAmericans continue to eat salt (sodium) with reckless abandon despite the known health risks including high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis and cancer.  Boar’s Head has chosen an opportune time to launch their assault on salt with a new line of low sodium and lower sodium cold cuts and cheeses.  Hooray—more options for a healthy sandwich!

Here is some recent news concerning too much salt in our diets:

  • Scientists writing in the New England Journal Of Medicine conclude that lowering salt intake by just a small amount can reduce heart disease and strokes.
  • Just a half teaspoon less salt per day would prevent 54,000 to 99,000 fewer heart attacks and 44,000 to 92,000 deaths each year, according to a study at the University of California, San Francisco, Stanford University Medical Center and Columbia University Medical Center.
  • Recently, New York City began urging food manufacturers and restaurant chains to reduce salt in their products, nationwide, by 25 percent over the next five years.
  • Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, associate professor of medicine and epidemiology at University of California has suggested setting salt limits on food the state buys for schools, prisons and other public institutions.  Dr. Bibbens-Domingo stated: “…small incremental changes in salt, such as lowering salt in tomato sauce or breads and cereals by a small amount, would achieve small changes in blood pressure that would have a measurable effect across the whole population.”
  • The FDA is considering changing the designation of salt from a food additive, generally considered safe, to a category requiring companies to give consumers more information alerting to high levels of salt.
  • A panel for the Institute of Medicine is close to issuing a report recommending reducing salt intake and includes actions government and manufacturers can take.
  • A study involving a computerized model that analyzed previous studies to estimate the benefits of salt reduction found that everyone would benefit from less salt, but people at higher risk for heart problems—black people, people with hypertension, and people over 65—would benefit the most.

According to Boar’s Head:

“The reason products are often loaded with salt is that they have no flavor of their own.  However, when you begin with products of exceptional quality, as Boar’s Head does, you begin with flavor—natural flavor.  You don’t need to load it up with salt.”

It’s more than obvious to us at Big Fat Sandwich that you should reduce salt in your diet and in your sandwiches.   However, salt is also crucial to healthy cell maintenance in your body.  Moderation is key and balancing Boar’s Head low sodium and lower sodium products with vegetables, whole grains and some fruit will contribute to a healthy diet.

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