One Of The Best Hot Dogs In Las Vegas …

One Of The Best Hot Dogs In Las Vegas – Pink’s

Holly Madison - Ready For One Of The Best Hot Dogs In Las Vegas At Pink'sMy wife and I just returned from a quick trip to Las Vegas.  While strolling the strip we ran into Pink’s, a world famous place for hot dogs.  The original Pink’s, located in Los Angeles, California has been dishing out the best hot dogs to celebrities, locals and tourists since 1939.  Pink’s, Las Vegas recently opened the doors of their new location outside of Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.  With no plans on visiting LA soon, we took the bird in the hand and charged in.

It’s a standard “order at the counter and pick up your tray at the end” set up.  Seating is outside along the wide sidewalk with ample shading.  The menu is clearly posted, and the variety of hot dogs can be a bit overwhelming.  It’s not your standard menu with items like a Guadalajara Dog (relish onions, tomatoes sour cream) and Polish Pastrami Swiss Cheese Dog (yes, pastrami and swiss on polish sausage).  We stood there for 5 minutes looking up at the menu, like a New Yorker fixated on the train schedule at Grand Central.

WARNING! Unless you have a tremendous appetite one dog is enough.  I like a Big Fat Hot Dog as much as anyone and would typically order two dogs but I was warned one was enough.  It was!

There are two general dog style’s at Pink’s, a traditional hot dog and a Polish, which is a Chicago style polish sausage.  I went with their classic chili dog (hot dog, chili, onions, mustard).  Pink’s has been famous for their chili dogs since it was a hot dog shack in the last century.  It’s different than most, as the meat is very finely ground, almost into a thick paste.  Whatever the process, I enjoyed.  Some might say it had too much Chili, I had to use a knife and fork which is akin to using a knife and fork on a slice of pizza (not something you should do unless under duress).  As they said, however, there’s no need to order two hot dogs.

My wife, she of the workout five days a week mode, ordered a Brooklyn Pastrami Swiss Cheese Dog (hot dog, pastrami, Swiss, mustard).  Of course, an advantage of being married to an athlete is I get about a 1/3 of her food.  It’s a great deal and a good reason to be married.  So I nabbed my customary share and enjoyed it very much, just the right amount of pastrami and cheese with a zig zag of mustard.  I never would have thought pastrami on a hot dog with Swiss cheese would work, but it does.

Now we like to talk about healthy sandwich alternatives at Big Fat Sandwich and hot dogs such as Bacon Burrito Dog or Giant 12” Jalapeño Dog does not exactly fit the  bill, but remember, eat only one or go with one of Pink’s healthy hot dogs like their Turkey Dog or a Dog with Sauerkraut.  Customize your hot dog.  How about a dog with chopped tomatoes and spicy red onions and don’t forget the old traditional dog and mustard!  Do you want a Chili Dog?  Go for it, but do like my wife does and give some away.

We ordered a side of fries which was more than enough for two.  Other sides included great looking onion rings, chili fries, tortilla chips, coleslaw and more.  Prices are very affordable considering the size of the hot dogs, ranging from $3.10 to $7.15 for a monster Three Dog Night (3 hot dogs, wrapped in a giant tortilla, 3 slices of cheese, 3 slices of bacon, chili & onions).  Since this is Vegas, it’s fitting that they serve frozen daiquiris at this location.  Pick up a triple big gulp sized frozen drink while you are there (not recommended if you are on our Big Fat Sandwich Diet.)

So, next time you’re in Las Vegas, skip the buffet and skip the over-priced restaurants and head out to Pink’s, one of the best hot dogs in Las Vegas!

Review by Dave Betz

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